Slash Pine, Slashed, Supine

Moving van

Fine leather couch

People unfamiliar occupy a space I know.

Death comes suddenly

For the tree, which is now


I want to puncture the tires of their Range Rover.

Complete malcontents they must be to chainsaw

life from their property.

The Bible rules against criminal acts of this kind.

It’s a sin to so gingerly

remove a majestic slash pine tree.

To think, I was gonna bake them a pie.

How about one filled with shit?

Sure has been beginner’s bad luck, Suzy.

First, they delivered the wrong couch.

Now, the water main under the tree is busted.

You’re sure the scowl on the neighbor’s face is

from the sun?

Guess I’ll have to call someone

And have the roots removed.

What can ya do?

I agree, it’s a shame.

Who doesn’t love a tree?