I lost my personality on the M train 

The grass is breathing in the sun 

and turning it into life. 

All the water applauds. 

So you don’t eat the chicken: 

No harm, no fowl 

I always give what I have 

To anyone who asks. Here’s two bucks. 

It’s all I got. 

That and a half-hearted smile. 

Let me pick your scab. 

Let me walk with no destination in mind. 

Putting flaneur down on my résumé. 

I’m on this train, right?

It’s chug-a-lug-a-lugging into Manhatto 

And I’m on an edible. Get off wrong station: 

Up the stairs down the stairs up the stairs.

Last stop! 

Sometimes I think that woman on the train is 


Caught in the background of someone else’s photos 

Hands on their own are not atoms. 

I’m not here to talk shit 

I thought that leaf was bones 

Behind sunglasses stoned 

But I’m not not here to talk shit. 

Guy calls dog coming toward me 

It turns away and I am alone again 

At least when the sun goes down 

It phones its understudy.

Like seeing your boss drunk

Like your body feeling good 

Like a leaking water bottle

It’s all accidental eye contact with 

The person across from you.  

I’m sorry I’m sorry, 

All I ever wanted was to be me

But it’s becoming harder each day